Robin Outram

Rob Outram

Rob Outram

Rob Outram is a Registered Osteopath and member of the British Osteopathic Association (BOA).

As well as a BSc in Osteopathy from Oxford Brookes University he has a BA in History and an M.Sc. in Computer Science from Liverpool University. Robin was born and grew up in Derbyshire, and has recently returned to the area with his young family after 18 years of study, work and travel.

Robin’s treatment style combines rigorous clinical assessment and in-depth understanding of patient history, with the application of up to the minute osteopathic principles and techniques.

He creates a treatment and rehabilitation programme individually structured for each patient, designed to minimise symptoms and maximise functional ability.

Robin continually seeks to expand his knowledge and understanding of the form and function of the human body through continuing professional development and practice based research.

He enjoys working with a range of people who can benefit from osteopathic treatment – from sports professionals with acute injury and office workers with poor posture, to expectant mums with bad backs, or asthmatic children.

Robin is also an experienced massage therapist and yoga instructor, and these extra skill adds to his osteopathic style.